Images by Jemima Yong

with bare feet touching the sky I yearn


A new queer myth, charged with eroticism, possibility and violence. This poetic performance art work considers queer desires for futurity, right at the moment between falling and flight.


forthcoming performances

Camden People's Theatre, May 5 - 7 2019 

A body falls, a glitter ball shatters and a hundred futures are reflected back in the ruins. From the shards of mythic history comes this experimental new performance ritual by “mesmeric, poetic” performance artist Joseph Morgan Schofield.


Disassembling the story of Icarus, the youth who flew too close to the sun, with bare feet touching the sky I yearn a potent lens through which to think through climate grief, memory and the different desires and designs we may hold on futurity.


Set to a synthetic drone score, and utilising a rich poetic text, explicit action and provocative image making, with bare feet touching the sky I yearn explicates a queer relationship to history, time and to who or what gets left behind.


At the heart of this sometimes tender, sometimes brutal work is something about flying, falling and breaking, an opportunity to revel in the tension between pragmatic endeavour and fantastical hope.


John King - director

Mele Couvreur - project coordinator

supported by

The Institute of Contemporary Arts, Venice International Performance Art Week, South House and ]performance s p a c e[.

© 2019 By Joseph Morgan Schofield.