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folkestone 3.11.18

F U T U R E R I T U A L toured the UK to leeds, bristol, london and folkestone during autumn 2018. the tour was supported by arts council england

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statements and biographies from the event can be downloaded in the programme note above. 

participating artists: alex billingham, joseph morgan schofield, natalie wearden and selina bonelli

as part of the F U T U R E R I T U A L tour, four artists were commissioned  to write responses to the work. the following response is by the artist bean.




Flesh uncurling

Dirty feet in rainbow lights

Soft, soft


Scratching emergency blankets

And memories


The sound of quiet violence

Pushing glitter in wounds


A temporary sustained collapse

Pouring into flesh twitches

Holding silence with shaving foam and layers of glitter itches


Onto elbows and knees

Caressing necks and thighs

Pushing on layers to take flight again

In strong arm UV light power poses


We shuffle in our skin watching you shredding


How do you scratch a layer on?

The body erratic and offering

Silently you drip in blue light


I forget your pool exists and think about forgotten wombs

About birthings that have been long before

And birthings you perform yourself now


I pour red wine for comfort

Into your long red latexted whimpers

Pulling at your heart

Reaching for the sky with tiny cries

Strong arm fading


Bandages of pink breasts

Cut our breathing with every sticky stretch

While chests of milky breasts wheeze


My nostrils fill with your shaking

The lights fade into melancholic rainbows as you peel your mouth off

Spitting on gold

Removing genitals


What does it mean to endure?


My questions get stuck in the air

Waiting on the sounds forming to be pushed out your mouth


A lifetime of growing and removing layers of becoming that same flesh again and again


Scratchy maps emerge

Fireworks bang outside as I watch the glitter ripple around your belly button


The joy of the unspectacular


Tiny latex mountains form beneath you

Pushed by palms from your womb

Tenderly removing your foreskin



Felt fingers folding

Stealing words


Fingers unfurl

Woolen moustaches of sailors

The calm before the storm


Twin bodies

Eggless and eggy



Fibres of souls

Stuck in history


Archaic analogue antique



A memory I can’t recall

A sadness I don’t know I know

Amplified by plastic


And the beauty of trying.



Stare me down

To nothing

I know

And everything



Always pockets

And heartbeats



To unframe yourself


Always tiny invisible tensions





Always my eyes can not be wide enough to contain it


Always silence & violence remains


Our guts curdle your milk


Sacred skeletal wings

Trying to take off through heavy dust



Spitting golden threads on mirrored wounds


Bloody ‘I’s

In latex gloves


Eratic and urgent openings






Needles of labour and legacy

Dirtied knees for our collective prayers

Ware new paths, new patterns

To fly


A disobedience

A commitment to dirt


Eyes burn,

Pointing the future into existence

© 2019 By Joseph Morgan Schofield.