here comes the sun

beneath the synthetic terf, we’re looking at deep time baby. this is a QUEER MYTH OF THE ANTHROPOCENE, a stagger thru eco and gender anxiety, a collision of non-binary identity, climate catastrophe and the political potential of excess.

an anthropocene queen rises from a polluted wasteland + the earth groans, hooked on an iv drip they told us was JUST high pressure water + its skin cracks and breaks + that genderquake was a 6.8 on the richter scale + im tired + scared + lonely


this is myth is of transformation, and survival

imagined as a contemporary rite, with a fresh dronescape by nat norland, here comes the sun is an attempt to work thru eco + gender anxieties + construct new histories + imagine a different future + queer the apocalypse

here comes the sun was supported with public funds by arts council england + by ]performance s p a c e[ + LADA + chisenhale dance space + mother's ruin + pilot nights.

Camden People's Theatre: a closer look at 'here comes the sun' blog 

"Apart from looking & sounding utterly gorgeous, Joseph's work 'Here Comes The Sun' last night felt like a crucial & timely space to think gender justice & climate justice TOGETHER"

charlie ashwell | artist

"Beautifully composed, sensitively held, perfectly pitched; it knows (& loves) its lineage but feels highly original in itself. Really impressive work. Wonderful score by Nat Norland too."

chris goode | artist

"So much rage, so much unforgivingness. Scattered gender, a scattered ecosystem. The 'sun' is ominous but also takes the time to flirt with you. Powerfully written and sexily performed"

dr heidi lu liedke | academic

"a mesmeric, poetic queer apocalypse. From the extinction of the dinosaurs to Dalston Superstore, desolating rapture"

robert holtom | writer

"smart, sexy and powerful ... resonating universally, cosmically and intellectually" 

lisa lee | artist



nat norland          composer

es morgan           dramaturg

jemima yong       images

ben normanton   publicity design


with thanks to john king and thomas yeomans.

previous performances

camden people's theatre, april 2019

]performance s p a c e[, may 2019

UnShut festival, may 2019

previous performances (work in process)

camden people's theatre, sept 2018 

camden people's theatre, nov 2017 for LIVE 7

fierce festival, oct 2017 for PILOT nights

camden people's theatre, may 2016 for BetaPublic IV

© 2019 By Joseph Morgan Schofield.