F U T U R E R I T U A L : shared action (solstice)

Between April and July 2020 F U T U R E R I T U A L presents a season of performances, workshops, screenings and discussion in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), and supported by Chisenhale Dance Space, the Live Art Development Agency and the Arts Council England.

shared action (solstice) is an invitation to share and experience different orientations of time, space and material, overnight - from the dusk of the summer solstice til the following dawn. Facilitated by Joseph Morgan Schofield, this workshop is envisaged as a durational ritual hangout space, an opportunity to tune into other frequencies and different forms of time. The space will be held with sonic interventions and natural and candle light. We will activate the space with a number of physical tasks, which will include exhaustion exercises. We will work to channel impulses and desires, to generate text, movement and action, and to facilitate encounters between artists.


The workshop is free to take part in - to secure a space please email Joseph with a brief text about your practice and interest in being a part of the workshop. 


We have a small amount of money to contribute towards travel costs for those coming outside of London. There will be a chill out space and tea and snacks all night.

Saturday 20 June @ 18.30 til dawn the following morning

Chisenhale Dance Space (London)

Access: regretfully, Chisenhale Dance Space is on the second floor, accessed by a staircase and therefore is not wheelchair accessible. CDS has gender inclusive bathrooms.

Contact: josephmorganschofield@gmail.com

Email Joseph / Facebook Event 


JOSEPH MORGAN SCHOFIELD is a performance artist and writer. Their works are acts of mythopoesis - embodying other ways of being, in other possible worlds, utilising ritual action as a strategy to vision, divine or fiction queer futurities. From the shards of myths and memories, they distil a queer poetics of body, material, text and space. Their ritual actions often involve difficulty and duress, foregrounding the immediacy of the sweating, bleeding, leaking body. They often work in ways that are semi-scored, ‘channeling’ desires, impulses and ideas as ‘spirits’ in unfolding explorations of desire, memory and endurance. They make performance to offer a site of encounter, through which you might process, desire, mourn or commune.


Joseph is the lead artist of F U T U R E R I T U A L and an associate artist of ]performance s p a c e[. They are a collaborator and facilitator of Venice International Performance Art Week.




© 2019 By Joseph Morgan Schofield.