F U T U R E R I T U A L : Unlocking Stories from the Body


Between April and July 2020 F U T U R E R I T U A L presents a season of performances, workshops, screenings and discussion in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), and supported by Chisenhale Dance Space, the Live Art Development Agency and the Arts Council England.

When deep memory speaks, even stones awaken to listen.


Artist and writer Marisa Garreffa leads a series of sensory and meditative exercises for writers, performers, artists, or anyone interested in hearing what their body might have to say. However you express yourself, this workshop will offer you another entry into inspiration, and new ways of withdrawing material from your inner world.

Unlocking Stories from the Body offers a gentle process to bypass the mind and enter the body, while immersing fully in the environment around you. To discover what memories, stories, images, and dreamings are contained within and without. Every time you open the senses and enter the body, it will tell you something new. We learn how to listen to the language of your body, and the language of place. 

The process works with free writing or drawing, to connect expression with feeling. We feel, using our senses to open up the universes within and around us, listening deeply to the inner and other worlds, and then we record what we find. These workshops are the perfect complement to self exploration, or to any creative practice.


The workshop is free to take part in - to secure a space please email Joseph with a brief text about your practice and interest in being a part of the workshop. 

Sunday 28 June @ 13.30 to 17.30

Live Art Development Agency (London)

Contact: josephmorganschofield@gmail.com


Access: LADA is wheelchair accessible and has gender inclusive bathrooms.

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Marisa Garreffa is a performance artist and writer. Garreffa’s current Rituals of Healing performance cycle explores the creation of new rituals to explore traces and residues of trauma, lived or inherited, which cannot be processed anywhere else. Performance becomes the place for the sticky, messy, unresolvable scraps that make us human – which is to say, not completely solvable, or fixable.


She uses live storytelling, woven with memories, poetries, and created mythologies of her-self, to give voice to rape, mental illness, mental health, and generational inheritance of grief. A way to speak the unspeakable, even if the story exists in non-verbal or incoherent forms, a common effect of trauma. The stories are told through objects or within an unfolding installation that evolves or is sometimes destroyed in the process of the performance.


She uses materials from her own assaults, legal and recovery processes, and natural elements collected from the site. Trauma leaves traces, and she works these fragments as a powerful, ritualistic act of transformation. The materials become symbolic vehicles that embody the shattered self and allow her to work with it tangibly, texturally. If the memory exists only in the body, then only a physicalised ritual can reach it, touch it, explore its surfaces, and hear how it may change. 



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