F U T U R E R I T U A L : Soojin Chang and Benjamin Sebastian

Between April and July 2020 F U T U R E R I T U A L presents a season of performances, workshops, screenings and discussion in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), and supported by Chisenhale Dance Space, the Live Art Development Agency and the Arts Council England.

Two performances considering how ritual action might function as way of demolishing the colonial and capitalist cis-tem of the here-and-now and of visioning other possible futures. These works, by Soojin Chang  and Benjamin Sebastian, utilise ritual performance, queer animalisms and ecological (in)justice  in order to disrupt received histories, renegotiate representation and think about the act of survival. 

Thursday 23 April @ 15.30 to late

Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)

Soojin Chang’s performance is a durational action taking place between 15.30 and 20.00. Benjamin Sebastian’s work will follow this performance.

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​A R T I S T S


SOOJIN CHANG (b. 1991, California) is a Korean-American interdisciplinary artist working across performance, sound, and video. Her practice is driven by examinations of agency across the animal/human divide. She is invested in deconstructing systems of power to locate sites of transformation within social and ecological injustice. She uses performance as research to challenge authorship and renegotiate representations, survival mechanisms, and immigration patterns of post-colonised culture and diasporas. Her works have been exhibited at MoMA PS1; ICA London; CCA Glasgow; and Tramway, Glasgow. 

www.soojinchang.com  //  @soojinchang



BENJAMIN SEBASTIAN's work is a visual poetics of the erotic and explicit. They utilise this work as an anarcho-queer-feminist technology to dismantle narratives of heteronormativity, patriarchy and capitalism - by illuminating our spiritual, sexual & animal selves - while centring their non-binary subjecthood. 


This is achieved via emotive & esoteric methodologies such as chaos magic, new ritual, eroticism and gender fuckery.


Sebastian creates across disciplines, specialising in time-based mediums exploring ideas of becoming, transformation/transition, animalism, memento mori, queerness, longing and desire. 


Through curating, repetitious tropes, appropriation and acts of duration; their work attempts to interrupt historic binary relations and create new narratives & ways of being in the world.

www.benjamin-sebastian.com  //  @benjaminsebastian


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