F U T U R E R I T U A L : mythic time ritual memory

Between April and July 2020 F U T U R E R I T U A L presents a season of performances, workshops, screenings and discussion in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), and supported by Chisenhale Dance Space, the Live Art Development Agency and the Arts Council England.

In a conversation chaired by Joseph Morgan Schofield, artists Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson, Marisa Garreffa and selina bonelli explore how memory and time drive ritual action.


The discussion asks: how does memory - be it personal, social or ancestral - function as a material in ritual-artistic practice? In what ways can ritual-performance function as a space to mourn, process, commune or heal? What kinds of time, outside of capitalist and colonial time, might the act of recollection allow access to? What are the political functions of remembering - how does memory produce the present, and how might the act of remembering transform the future?


Please note: this discussion will contain discussion of sexual violence in relation to artistic practice.


Tuesday 30 June @ 19.00

Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)

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Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson is a multi-disciplinary artist: performer, writer, theatre/performance-maker, embodied social justice facilitator and arts educator. Drawing upon Afro-Diasporic spirituality and queer performance culture, her work as a performance maker and facilitator explores body, memory, place, land and story – thinking about ritual and remembering as tools to reclaiming ancestral ways of being and means of creating alternate realms and dimensions - muddling the lines between ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’. 


Marisa Garreffa is a performance artist and writer. Garreffa’s current Rituals of Healing performance cycle explores the creation of new rituals to explore traces and residues of trauma, lived or inherited, which cannot be processed anywhere else. Performance becomes the place for the sticky, messy, unresolvable scraps that make us human – which is to say, not completely solvable, or fixable.



In their work selina bonelli uses artefacts, unwanted hand me downs, worthless heirlooms that carry value through meaning, action and ‘rememberings’ (offered memories) and the language of performance to interrogate meaning, power and our collective social realities.



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