Images by Fenia Kotsopoulou



devotions is the collective title of a series of works exploring the divinatory possibilities of performance. In these ritual actions, I work through 'channeling' desires, ideas, impulses and decisions as spirits in an unfolding exploration of body, identity and futurity. These ritual actions are only partially scored in advance but rather than considering these performances to be improvisations, I understand them to be processes of conscious and unconscious decision making, material exploration and the tracing of desire. These performances are acts of mythopoesis - through live performance exploration I seek to map, fabulate or otherwise embody other ways of being, in other possible worlds.


I understand ritual action as technology through which to attempt this speculative or gestural transformation, and considers performance art to be a way of doing divination, augury or soothsaying.

These works may take a multitude of forms, through short actions, durational works, text and image making. The devotions were activated in Venice at the start of the new decade.


devotion : wraith 

Wraith, Electrowerkz, London, Jan 2020 

devotion : seduction (Jan, 2020)

CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY: Dissenting Bodies Marking Time, Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy, Jan 2020


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