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we (thomas + joseph) started F U T U R E R I T U A L because we wanted to provide a space for artists + audiences interested in the form of ritual, in myth, magick + mysticism, who experienced marginalisation, to come together, to process, to protest, to dream us forward


we are troubled by the ways in which capitalism has replaced communing with transaction, how the closure + privatisation of space drives community online + how online forums have given a platform to a new generation of the racist right who are appropriating occultist practices, so F U T U R E R I T U A L provides a space to reclaim these practices, to present them irl, unmediated by screens


we don’t presume to be authorities on these practices, + don’t prescribe what form ritual takes


we acknowledge the ways in which some artists have historically misappropriated traditions + cultural forms, particularly within the trope of ritual - F U T U R E R I T U A L is not the space to advance a primitivist discourse or for white western artists to fetishise the cultural traditions of others


F U T U R E R I T U A L is run by queers - we are committed to challenging homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism + ableism + we are committed to providing a space outside of normative structures

any questions can be directed to joseph + thomas (futureritual@gmail.com)

open call

between september + december, F U T U R E R I T U A L will take place in leeds (live art bistro) + folkestone (]performance s p a c e[) + bristol (arnolfini) + london (hackney showroom)


we are seeking proposals from artists working in performance + live art


F U T U R E R I T U A L is artist led + not thematically programmed - we want to hear from rebel artists with diverse practices + perspectives


voices that are typically marginalised are particularly welcome


this is a platform for artists working on the edges, in the margins, between forms. we love theatre but we don’t programme anything that resides comfortably within that broad category


durational works, participatory works, + one to one works are welcome


experimental works, works in process + works that have been seen before are welcome


risky works, challenging works + provocative works are welcome

tech will be low fi - we don't have access to extensive equipment or knowledge


each artist will be paid a fee of £140 + receive professional photographic documentation. when artists need to travel to perform, we will provide accommodation + a contribution of up to £40 towards travel expenses


we acknowledge that writing proposals is tricky, time consuming + often unreflective of the making process - for this reason we welcome proposals that present questions, research + provocations, contextualised by previous works, along with proposals that take the form of this is what you see in the room


video applications are also welcome - see the form for more info


access requirements will be met


please email us if you have any questions at all

to apply

please complete this form and email it to us (futureritual@gmail.com) by 11pm thursday 9th august




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